About Diana

Alright guys here it goes! My name is Diana, I am thirty one years old but I feel more like twenty five. I live in Corpus Christi Texas and used to work for a medical device firm that sold orthopedic instruments. Did I mentioned how I used to work for a medical device company? Well, I had a very lucrative job in which I basically kissed Doctor’s butts all day in order to hopefully entice them to buy from me!

I always felt a little odd approaching them and pretending that I really believed in the product, when in fact I could see so many things wrong with it! I mean, Grant Cardone has always mentioned about you as a seller, absolutely having to believe in what your selling. If you don’t believe in it, the buyer will not see that you are genuinely excited about the product or service that you have to offer. I guess, I was just a darn good actor and probably could have gotten an Oscar nomination because, I was fortunate enough to do very well!

I soon started racking in the dough and couldn’t have been more happier. Wrong!!! I was absolutely miserable working sixty plus hours a week and having to be on call just to fatten up my bank account. I was at the job for over 5 years and I  was not excited at all to report to work everyday and have our daily boring hour long company meetings. I also hated being on the phone all day selling something that I could care less about! It’s just truly hard and draining doing something that you don’t believe in.

On November 16th 2015, The company where I used to work, had a huge hit in the stock market and in revenue. The executives and higher ups decided to let all the people go who had been in the company less than seven years and that included me. I was worried at first, but honestly it was the best thing that ever happened to me! I named this blog AM Office 2010 because it reminds me of all the people running the rat race and hating their office jobs! This one is for you!