Time Flies

Hey guys what is going on? I hope everyone is having a good time this late night as I blog? Anyways, I just got done celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday party. She is not my lover but just a friend that happens to be a girl. If that makes sense, just wanted to make sure nobody thought I was a rainbow. Anyways, we started talking about life and how fast time just flies by! We have known each other for several years and have been like to peas in a pod.

Well we talked how much we went through the past couple of years and how much life has changed. For example, my friend this year recently got married to a wonderful man who treats her extremely well. This man for their proposal flew her in a helicopter ride over the Dallas Skyline and proposed to her! I know, I’m a little jealous because I’m still trying to find my night in shining armor but I know it will come.

As for my self, I had the job lay off and now looking to truly live my life to the fullest. Money, is not my main motive but I still don’t mind making some serious dollars! I just want to explore and see what is out there in this world. My girlfriend is highly supportive of me and knows that this perfect opportunity is out there. It’s nice knowing when you have friends that always have your back. It is always so reassuring and I’m truly blessed to have a friend like her.

So, we ended off the night with a kiss and a hug and I went back home. Unfortunately, I had quite the experience getting home. While driving, I noticed that my left rear tire started making a thud sound and I knew at that instant that I had a flat! I’m not exactly a handy lady so I definitely didn’t want to mess with that crap. I know my limitations, believe me… I was fortunate enough to get ahold of a good little towing company and the guy who serviced my was really sweet! I have heard of towing horror ┬ástories in the past but thank God this was a reputable company. I always appreciate great service so give these guys a shout out at www.towingplanotx.com if you are ever in a bind. I’m glad to be home now writing on what my day was like and the thing I can take away from today is Time Flies!