Time Flies

Hey guys what is going on? I hope everyone is having a good time this late night as I blog? Anyways, I just got done celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday party. She is not my lover but just a friend that happens to be a girl. If that makes sense, just wanted to make sure nobody thought I was a rainbow. Anyways, we started talking about life and how fast time just flies by! We have known each other for several years and have been like to peas in a pod.

Well we talked how much we went through the past couple of years and how much life has changed. For example, my friend this year recently got married to a wonderful man who treats her extremely well. This man for their proposal flew her in a helicopter ride over the Dallas Skyline and proposed to her! I know, I’m a little jealous because I’m still trying to find my night in shining armor but I know it will come.

As for my self, I had the job lay off and now looking to truly live my life to the fullest. Money, is not my main motive but I still don’t mind making some serious dollars! I just want to explore and see what is out there in this world. My girlfriend is highly supportive of me and knows that this perfect opportunity is out there. It’s nice knowing when you have friends that always have your back. It is always so reassuring and I’m truly blessed to have a friend like her.

So, we ended off the night with a kiss and a hug and I went back home. Unfortunately, I had quite the experience getting home. While driving, I noticed that my left rear tire started making a thud sound and I knew at that instant that I had a flat! I’m not exactly a handy lady so I definitely didn’t want to mess with that crap. I know my limitations, believe me… I was fortunate enough to get ahold of a good little towing company and the guy who serviced my was really sweet! I have heard of towing horror  stories in the past but thank God this was a reputable company. I always appreciate great service so give these guys a shout out at www.towingplanotx.com if you are ever in a bind. I’m glad to be home now writing on what my day was like and the thing I can take away from today is Time Flies!

Keep Your Head Up!

Hey guys hope you peeps are having a great day! I just want to say keep your head up, if you are started your day off on the wrong foot. The reason why I say this is because, I would hear it all the time from my elementary school  basketball coach. Our coach would yell out to us in the on the gym floor and say “Keep Your Head Up!”

Of course we thought she was just being overbearing but as I became older, I soon started hearing that in the back of my mind all the time. I would be having a bad day and all of a sudden, I would repeat that what my coach once would yell out! Well, I would feel a better sense of my self being and be moved to overcome how I felt.

This is something so simple and I’m sure everyone is rolling there eyes! If you are that’s okay and I see where you are coming from but I think it can help a lot of people if they just yell out a phrase to themselves that helps ignite the fire inside. Check out this article from CNN. Take care everyone. Have to run!




God Given Gift

What is going on my people? I hope everyone had a great day and just wanted to give some encouragement this evening! Well, my day went great and I met a sweet old gentlemen by the name of Henry. Henry is the owner of a lawn care business and has been running it for over 21 years now. I asked Henry what he used to do before this, and he mentioned that he had been mowing lawns all of his life!

Henry told me that since he was a little boy, that his Papa would have him go house to house and see if the neighbors needed there lawns to be mowed. He said that he had to help out early because his family was extremely poor and all his Papa knew how to do was mow lawns. His Papa, never had an education and the most prized possession they owned was that lawn mower. They couldn’t afford a car and barely had enough to afford rent. So every morning, Henry’s Papa would have him go along to show him how to mow a lawn properly and be as precise as possible.

Henry stated that he soon became very good at mowing lawns and soon after became better than the man who taught him this fine art. Henry, like his dad never finished high school because his Papa passed away and he had to support his mom. Henry mentioned how difficult it was to see his Momma struggling after the loss of his Father and they were just barely making it. He said that he would tell his Mom all the time that things will get better and that God would provide.

A few years later, Henry’s Momma past away and he felt so bad about his promise to her that they were going to see brighter days. He said for a long time he was angry at God and that he felt embarrassed that all he could do was mow lawns. He asked God all the time why he couldn’t have been educated instead or had a better gift in life. Henry then told me that one night, he felt like praying and that he started sobbing because he felt sorry for himself and didn’t understand why his life was, the way it was.

Later the next morning, he felt like God was leading him to the Bible where he read Jeremiah 29: 11. He said that was the day that he started seeing mowing lawns and his past as a gift from God, instead of seeing it as a curse…I couldn’t believe this man’s story! Henry is 65 now and owns the largest lawn care service in Texas! He is a multimillionaire and enjoys speaking to to people about his life and about hope right around the corner. You have to love meeting people like this!

Hello world!

Welcome everyone to my basic but informative website called Am Office 2010. I have created this website blog in order to help others who have gone through the experiences of self doubt, financial struggles and who have always had an urge for entrepreneurship. Check out my About Diana page to get a better insight of who I am. I hope to light a fire within everyone who is struggling in this life!

The world is full of naysayers and honestly full of crap! I mean, how many of us actually see and hear of anything or anyone who inspires us to become better people? Yes, there are some positive characters and sources but I still feel that this world is lacking severely on encouragement to be oneself. People are so quick to belittle a dream or a person, in order to get there point across and can’t even say one good thing about an individual!

At this blog, I will not stand for negativity. Negativity is not wanted or even allowed here! I want to surround myself with positive uplifting people and this blog is solely about that. End of story… Catch you guys later!